We are a UK-based British couple who came up with the simple idea of launching an online store with nothing but the most top-rated and well-reviewed products most related to life during any lockdown situation (such as a pandemic).

We run other non-lockdown businesses based in the entertainment, hospitality, and lifestyle industries. All of these industries have effectively been put on hold during this 2020 lockdown so we created The Lockdown Shop.


What differentiates your products?

All the products we list are rated at least 4 stars (the average is 4.6 stars), from at least 10 unique customers (the average number of reviews is 54). The lists are fully hand-picked by us humans (no robots or automation).

Is check-out secure?

Yes. You can opt for Stripe or Paypal.

Are all your products always in stock?

Yes. If something is no longer in stock, it is no longer shown on the site.

Where are your products delivered from?

All products listed are delivered from UK locations.

What is the returns policy?

Returns are all handled through Amazon, so the whole process is streamlined.

Is delivery free?

Yes UK delivery is free for 95% of our products. If anything extra is required you will be shown upon checkout.

Is your shop only online for lockdowns?

Not at all, it is open all the time.