What is The Lockdown Shop?

When will the lockdown end?
May 3, 2020

Simply put, The Lockdown Shop is the place to come to source all the best products you could possibly need for life at home during a lockdown.

Our definition of ‘best’ is anything that is picked out by us as being very relevant, widely-reviewed, and highly-rated (4+ stars out of 5).

As well as the ‘general’ shop / store page, we have also usefully categorised all of our products into themes, forming ‘Top 10’ lists for each type of product.

Our current Top 10s are:

For those with a bit of extra cash to splash, and no time to browse we have also created a number of ‘lockdown packages’ or ‘bundles’ which are full shopping trolleys with all top 10s. An example is The Ultimate Lockdown Package

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